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We offer a holistic range of social media management services tailored specifically for BloomSixteen, all centered around the empowering philosophy of Mindful Beauty. Our dedicated team excels in managing and growing your social media presence, curating compelling content, optimizing your profiles, and much more.

Profile Optimization

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Park Hotel Hong Kong

We curate a clean and captivating Instagram presence that showcases the hotel's unique features, leaving a lasting impression on its audience from around the world. 




Not Only Protein

At Not Only Protein, we recognized the immense potential of social media to engage with the vibrant and diverse community in Hong Kong. To help Not Only Protein establish a strong social media presence and connect with their target audience, we devised a comprehensive strategy that incorporated elements of humor, relatability, and creativity. 

During our collaboration with Not Only Protein, we achieved an impressive growth rate of 119% in their social media following within just two months. 

The power of memes, fun reels, and strategic ad placement.

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